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Your support is vital in enabling Holy Angels National Catholic Church to fulfill its mission to share the Good News of God's all inclusive love with the world. There are so many people, especially LGBTQ people, who need to hear this message and know that there is a church that is open, loving and supportive. While financial donations are needed, we ask especially that you support us with your prayers. We believe strongly in the power of prayer, and realize that without prayer support, all the money in the world will not help us fulfill our mission.

Please consider supporting Holy Angels today. Every contribution is deeply appreciated. Whether you are able to give or not, know that we will support you with our prayers and ask God's Holy Angels to watch over you and bring you God's abundant blessings. Peace be with you!


Angel Sponsorship

The Angel Sponsorship is a one-time donation. You can dedicate this donation to a special project. Thank you for your support of our Church and our special missions.

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Guardian Angel sponsorship

The Guardian Angel Sponsorship is a monthly reoccurring donation.

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archangel sponsorship

The Archangel Sponsorship is a weekly reoccurring donation.

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For those who wish to make larger contribution, know that we deeply appreciate you support and will be wise stewards of the gifts entrusted to us to share the message of "love Without Judgement"!

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