December 28 - Cherish Each Moment

Every moment of this day is a precious gift. Within all circumstances, no matter how things appear, you can find the beautiful light of Divine love shining brightly. Allow that radiance to warm you today.

Your tenderness has a healing effect on those around you. Others may not understand why they feel better in your company, yet they are drawn to you - they’re attracted to your light, which reminds them of their heavenly home.

Appreciate each moment today, even if some of them seem ordinary or painful. As you love right now, you extract the maximum amount of joy from your life, since happiness can only be experienced in the present.

Thought for Today

I cherish this moment right now. I savor the love and joy within each circumstance, focusing on the positive in every situation.

December 27 - Enjoy Your Unlimited Nature

Throughout this year, we angels have discussed how we’re unlimited beings who can help you with anything. Today, we’d like to focus on the fact that you also possess unbounded potential. The only restrictions you have are those that you’ve decided on. Sometimes, such choices come from personal beliefs, which - once you’ve adopted them - resulted in your experience of limits.

Hoe could God, the infinite and boundless Creator, make anything that did not share these qualities? Everything and everyone that comes from the Divine is also without constraints.

You have a wide range of abilities that haven’t been discovered or explores. Basically, you’re capable of anything that you can conceive of doing, because all activities are governed by the imagination. In time, you’ll learn to capitalize on this fact, but for today, let’s focus on shedding one restricting belief so that you can experience your infinite nature.

Think for a moment about an area of your life that you feel is missing something. The impression of lack signals a belief in limitations. Anytime that you begin a sentence with, “I don’t have enough …” you’re uncovering a self-imposed restriction.

Look for these ideas in your thoughts such as; “I have plenty of …” and “I possess unlimited …” As we’ve discussed, words are your starting point for manifestation and creation. Affirm your limitlessness, and notice how soon you experience this freedom for yourself.

Thought for Today

I am unlimited in all ways. I shed my belief in restrictions, knowing that everything is possible.

December 26 - Remember to Ask for Our Help

We angels are ready and able to help you with everything today. Never worry about overdoing your requests for our assistance. We’re unlimited beings who can perform multiple tasks simultaneously, so you can as for as much support as you’s like.

We prefer that you request our aid at the outset on anything that you’d do. In this way, we can be involved from the very beginning to ensure smooth operation from start to finish. However, if you forget to cal upon us for help, that’s perfectly fine. we’re able to jump in whenever you ask, even if things have escalated. Anytime is good to request our assistance. We’re always here for you - that’s our purpose.

Thought for Today

I ask my angels for help with all that I do. When I work with heaven, my day goes better. I can request assistance with anything and everything, for my angels love to support me.

December 25 - Embrace Us as Your True Friends

Throughout your life and during every circumstance, we angels cherish and adore you. We never waver from the pure affection we feel for you, because we always see the goodness and beauty that God created - we never look at the illusory surface. Instead, we focus on the brilliant light that radiates within and around you. If you could witness this illumination, you’d see why we love you so much.

Today, know that through everything we’re your true friends. We trust, admire, and respect you for who you are. We’re your constant companions, and wee’ll never leave your side.

Throughout your entire life, you can always be certain that we love you.

Thought for Today

My angels cherish me for who I am right now. I have the light of God inside of me today and every day. As I focus on my inner glow, I am filled with love.

December 24 - Move Forward Fearlessly

You can move forward fearlessly on the path of your dreams, without anxiety or reservation. In everything you do, you’re always protected - as long as you ask us angels for help and then follow the guidance that we give you.

Today, boldly take one step in the direction of your dream. Do so with complete confidence that we will walk by your side. You won’t fall, and if you become afraid, we’ll catch you.

Remember to work with us as eternal teammates, checking in before making decisions or taking actions. We won’t tell you what to do; however, we will give you guidance and helpful suggestions that are always based on love and respect for you. We’re by your side, cheering you on toward the happiness that belongs to you.

Thought for Today

I move forward fearlessly, for my angels protect and guide me. I remember to ask them for help throughout the day, checking in with them frequently.

December 23 - Give Your Cares to God and the Angels

What troubles or worries you, beloved one? Don’t hold onto those feelings single-handedly. Give them to us angels! Take a deep breath right now, feeling our loving presence. On the exhale, blow out all your cares, and we’ll catch them and take them to the light for healing. Once these concerns are released, you’ll feel the freedom of living carefree. This doesn’t entail being irresponsible, as some people painstakingly believe; rather, it means moving through your duties with love, passion, and enthusiasm. Worries drag down your responsibilities, turning them into chores.

Today, be lighthearted by giving us any cares as soon as you become aware of them. Deliver them all to us, and rest easy with the knowledge that heaven is helping you along the way.

Thought for Today

I am totally carefree, giving all worries to God and the angels. I don’t have to do anything by myself, because they’re always with me.

December 22 - Trust Your Inner Knowledge

You already know the answers to questions about your current situation. In stillness, you hear the inner wisdom that guides you, and today we angels counsel you to trust this source. You already know what to do, so your query isn’t a request for new information or even guidance; rather, it asks whether you can trust that your decision will lead in positive new directions.

We’re here today to reassure you of the validity of your inner wisdom. Whatever you’re facing calls on you to act on faith, without knowing very much about your future. That’s why it’s doubly important for you to hold positive expectations about the outcome.

All results are always beneficial in the ultimate sense, because only good things happen in God’s universe. Even the most seemingly dire circumstances bestow blessings on the souls involved.

Your positive expectations help bring about the greatest possible outcome, elevating your experience as you travel toward it.

Thought for Today

I trust my inner knowing. I hold positive expectations about the outcome of the changes that I’m making in my life right now. It is safe for me to act on my inner wisdom.

December 21 - Acknowledge the Genius Within You

Your inner self is wise beyond limits. You’re tapped in to the universal Source, which has access to all knowledge. Your wisdom comes from the same place as any genius who’s ever lived - directly from God’s mind. This is why it’s important to think and speak about yourself lovingly. When you discuss your intelligence, you’re talking about the Creator.

You have a genius within you, just like everyone else. The people who appear to be most brilliant are those who listen to their inner wisdom and put it into action. We angels can assist you in harnessing this part of your store of knowledge. We can help you hear, trust, understand,and act upon it - all you need to do is ask.

Today, revel in the certainty that you’re wise. Even if you don’t currently know something, you can always tap into the information that you seek. Just quiet your mind, think of a question, and listen to the answer that comes to you.

Thought for Today

I have a genius inside of me who is willing to help me at any time. I ask this part of me questions, and i easily hear the answers. I work with my angels to take action based on my inner wisdom without delay.

December 20 - Be Honest WIth Yourself

What are some of the feelings that would be helpful to admit to yourself today? This question probably trigger answers that comes through thoughts or feelings.

Self-honesty is the process of being your own best friend. Just as close confidants share everything with each other, so is a healthy relationship with yourself based on truthful communication.

Sometimes you fear looking at your real desires because you wonder if it’s safe to make changes in your life. On such occasions, it feels more secure to keep your emotions hidden away so that even you aren’t aware of them. However, unexpressed feelings always find an way to make themselves known, and the healthiest route is to simply admit them to yourself. Know that we angels are supporting you through this process, and we’re also by your side if you decide to make some life improvements.

Thought for Today

I am honest with myself, admitting my real emotions. It is safe for me to acknowledge how I truly feel. I ask my angels for help as I contemplate making possible life changes.

December 19 - Take Charge of Your Schedule

You have wonderful dreams, ambitions, and intentions for yourself. We angels are here to help you take charge of your schedule so that you’re able to act on these desires.

You don’t need large chunks of time in order to accomplish lofty dreams. Most are manifested in small steps, so you could devote even 30 minutes a day toward your goal and still make amazing progress.

Watch out for the ego’s tendency to hold up your aspirations and ambitions with unrelated activities. We call these “daily tactics,” as they’re unconscious schemes that detain you from working toward your purpose and dreams - addictive behaviors are common ones.

If you find yourself sidetracked by distractions of your own making, call upon us for help. We’ll assist you in focusing on the small steps that are before you now. Manage what’s on your agenda, and in so doing, take charge of your life.

Thought for Today

I seize control of my schedule, and I am honest with myself about the motivations behind my actions. I focus on my heart’s true desires with unwavering dedication to the fruition of my dreams.