December 20 - Be Honest WIth Yourself

What are some of the feelings that would be helpful to admit to yourself today? This question probably trigger answers that comes through thoughts or feelings.

Self-honesty is the process of being your own best friend. Just as close confidants share everything with each other, so is a healthy relationship with yourself based on truthful communication.

Sometimes you fear looking at your real desires because you wonder if it’s safe to make changes in your life. On such occasions, it feels more secure to keep your emotions hidden away so that even you aren’t aware of them. However, unexpressed feelings always find an way to make themselves known, and the healthiest route is to simply admit them to yourself. Know that we angels are supporting you through this process, and we’re also by your side if you decide to make some life improvements.

Thought for Today

I am honest with myself, admitting my real emotions. It is safe for me to acknowledge how I truly feel. I ask my angels for help as I contemplate making possible life changes.

December 19 - Take Charge of Your Schedule

You have wonderful dreams, ambitions, and intentions for yourself. We angels are here to help you take charge of your schedule so that you’re able to act on these desires.

You don’t need large chunks of time in order to accomplish lofty dreams. Most are manifested in small steps, so you could devote even 30 minutes a day toward your goal and still make amazing progress.

Watch out for the ego’s tendency to hold up your aspirations and ambitions with unrelated activities. We call these “daily tactics,” as they’re unconscious schemes that detain you from working toward your purpose and dreams - addictive behaviors are common ones.

If you find yourself sidetracked by distractions of your own making, call upon us for help. We’ll assist you in focusing on the small steps that are before you now. Manage what’s on your agenda, and in so doing, take charge of your life.

Thought for Today

I seize control of my schedule, and I am honest with myself about the motivations behind my actions. I focus on my heart’s true desires with unwavering dedication to the fruition of my dreams.

December 18 - Listen to Your Inner Child

No matter how old you are, the child within you still needs attention, care, and love. All children thrive on praise and wish to express themselves. Today, we angels encourage you to listen to this part of you.

If your spirits or emotions lag, it’s very likely a sigh that your inner child required some attention. When you listen to its needs, the reward is increased energy and joyfulness. Take a moment right now to become still and quiet, think about the little one within you, and notice any feelings that result. Ask it: “How can I care for you today?”

Listen to the response that comes to you as thought, sensation, vision, or words. Your inner child is glad when you listen and feels even better when you take action based on its requests.

Thought for Today

I listen to my inner child, taking the time to play, sing, dance, and rest. I give it excellent care, and as I fulfill its needs, ’m rewarded with energy and joyfulness.

December 17 - Expect Everything to Go Well

Put your entire focus on anticipating that whatever you’re concerned about will go well. Your positive expectations about your situation will steer it in the desired direction.

Remember that worries are influential energies that are perceived as wishes by the universe. When you’re troubled, you draw your anxiety into the experiences. Don’t allow yourself to give into fears - deliver them to us angels instead.

Holding positive or negative expectations takes the same amount of time and effort. The outcome of your current situation is guaranteed to be good, yet your experience of the process of getting to that point is influenced by what you think will happen. If you foresee problems, you’ll come across them along the way; on the other hand, if you anticipate harmony, then that’s what you’ll experience. Either way, everything is going to turn out just fine - but which path would you prefer to take? Your expectations set your course.

Thought for Today

I expect everything to go very well.Peace and harmony are exciting to me, and I deserve to have a happy path to my desired outcome. I allow myself to enjoy the day.

December 16 - Embrace Your Health

As with prosperity, health is a viewpoint that’s chosen. The more you focus on well being, within yourself and others, the more you experience it. Today, look past any earthly appearances of illness or injury, and see the wellness inside of each person (especially yourself).

Give us angels any concerns that you have about health, doing your best to concentrate on the light that resides within you and everyone. The more you focus on this illumination, the more brightly it grows. The radiance of the Divine within each person is a beacon that banishes darkness. In its place is the perfect grace and stillness that God created inside all beings.

You’re already healthy, and so is everyone in your life. Affirm this frequently today, and feel the truth of it in your body. You find exactly what you seek, so today, set your intentions on looking for health. If you only see wellness, that’s what you experience as a result.

Thought for Today

My loved one and I are all perfectly healthy. I am whole, because God created me that way. I see only well-being, and that is what I experience. I give any fears or distractions to heaven.

December 15 - Embrace Your Prosperity

As you count your blessings, more are revealed to you. e route to prosperity is paved with gratitude and the awareness of abundance. Today’s guidance is very simple and direct: Notice all the areas of bounty in your life. There are many varieties, such as profusion of time, choices, love, energy, beauty, and so forth.

As you notice prosperity in one area of your life, you begin to attract it to others.

Thought for Today

I am very prosperous, for heaven is entirely generous with me. I see and experience abundance in every area of my life. I am vet grateful for all the gifts that I receive. Thank you, God, for my many blessings. Please keep them coming.

December 14 - Uncover Your Peaceful Nature

Beloved one, you don’t need to do anything to become peaceful … you already are. If you don’t feel this way right now, call upon us angels to help you.

Fear doesn’t keep you safe, nor dos it solve problems. Only a tranquil mind can clearly hear the voice of the Divine, which calmly guides you toward the solutions you seek.

Regardless of the situation at hand, the answer is always found through your inner peace. Today, be an explorer who ventures inward. Make serenity your target - not as something you must acquire or earn, but as a treasure lying in wait for you to find.

Thought for Today

I feel tranquil right now. God is peace and the Divine is everywhere; therefore, the Creator’s serenity is within me.I relax and allow my mind to be calm, calling upon the angels to help me relax and let go,

December 13 -Honor Your Sensitivity

Your sensitivity is a gift that allows you to hear Divine guidance, feel your own and other’s emotions, have compassion, and respect nature. Treasure that part of you, beloved one.

Honor your gentleness by avoiding harsh energies today. We angels will protect you and steer you away from negative situations and relationships. We’ll guide your eating and drinking choices, so that your diet nurtures your sensitivity as well.

As you treat yourself with the respect and care that you deserve, your self-appreciation and love automatically increase. Trust that everything you feel is a blessing, and be glad for your gift of sensitivity.

Thought for Today

It is safe for me to be sensitive, and this quality is a blessing. I honor my feelings, treating myself with tender loving care.

December 12 - Enjoy Infinite Abundance

Everything that you need for your Divine life purpose is continuously offered to you. What would you like to have more of? Anything you can think of is provided for you - the key is to stay on steady contact with Spirit through prayer and meditation, and then take action as you’re guided. This partnership program allows you to relax, and focus on doing service with joy.

Please don’t worry about any earthly details of how you’ll have enough time, money, ideas, and so forth. Those need are provided for you as you go along.

Today, rest in the faith that your world is infinitely abundant. All things are forever being born, growing, and regenerating. The universe is constantly giving to you and everyone who teams up with the heavenly flow.

Thought for Today

I rely completely on Spirit to fulfill all my needs. I take action as I am guided, without delay or procrastination. I am a clear channel of Divine communication.

December 11 - Let Ideas Come to You

The universal mind has infinite ideas that you can always tap into. You receive them in response to a question that you’ve posed to the universe with a clear and quiet awareness. Today, ask Spirit about any topic that you need help or guidance with. You can think your question or voice it aloud.

Sometime today, sit quietly and notice the ideas that come to mind after each query. All that you need to do to hear the answers is spend time listening in silence. These ideas are given to you from the universe. You’re qualified and ready to act on them, and all of creation fully supports you doing so.

Thought for Today

I open my mind to the answers that the universe shares with me, and I easily receive brilliant new ideas. I act upon them in partership with Spirit,.