November 26 - Have Patience with Yourself

You’re making progress along your chosen path. Everything that has brought you to this point has been learning experience. You have hard-won knowledge and wisdom that will help you with all your future endeavors.

It’s important to have patience with yourself. You may not be able to see how far you’ve come until you can look back on this moment from some point in the future. You’ve made monumental strides and gained a great deal of practical wisdom - and all this learning took time.

Today, have patience with yourself and your progress. Know that whenever you worked, played, loves, ans rested, there was a reason you did so. And those experiences have culminated in the wonderful person you are today, so enjoy yourself, beloved one … relax.

Thought for Today

I am patient with myself. I feel good about all the progress I’ve made and how far I’ve come. I let go of the urge to compare myself to others, knowing that everyone has their own unique path. I have patience with life.

November 25 - Open the Gates of Abundance

You have the keys to the gates of abundance right now. They consist of an open heart and mind that are ready to receive. Receptivity comes from the ability to see the possibilities and potential within yourself, others, and all situations, In means noticing and capitalizing on the Divine ideas that we angels send you, as well as allowing other people to help you.

Everything you need is yours for the asking. You begin with a simple request, which can be made in any number of ways; through prayers, affirmations, visualizations, and such. Any method is sufficient to set the wheels in motion.

Your receptivity is the next part of the process. The universe will transmit messages to guide you in the direction of your desired outcome or send what you want directly to you. This requires alertness and a willingness to receive help and gifts.

In following this path, you aid many people beside yourself. You serve as an inspiration to all those who need a reminder of the importance of asking for assistance and accepting it when it comes.

Thought for Today

I open the gates of abundance now, for I am open to the universal flow of prosperity. I ask my angels to assist me. When other people offer to help, I gladly accept.

November 24 - Know That We're Proud of You

Throughout your life, we angels have stood at your side, experiencing everything along with you. In some instances, you asked for our help, which we gladly provided; other times, you were more comfortable going it alone.

Through it all, we’ve always been proud of you. We’re impressed right now with all thew ways you’ve stayed committed to your truth, You’ve grown, learned, given, and received - and we’re as eternally pleased as we could be.

Today, stand tall and know you’re a valuable individual. You deserve respect and honor from yourself and other people. You’re a blessing to the world.

Thought for Today

I feel good about who I am, and I deserve my esteem and that of others. My angels are proud of me. I acknowledge myself for all that I am and everything I’ve done.

November 23 - Set Down Your Burdens

You’ve been carrying your cares on your shoulders, weighing yourself down with burdens that interfere with your peace and happiness. We angels ask you to set down your load today and give your worries to us,

When you hand us your concerns, your mind and heart are freed from fear, giving you more access to creativity and wisdom. Solutions come more easily to those who are unafraid.

Right now, take a deep breath and allow us to lift the weight from your shoulders. Once your heart is liberated from fear and anxiety, it’s open to receive the help that we always offer you.

Thought for Today

I give my cares and worries to heaven right now. The more we work as a team, the better my life goes. I am in constant contact with God and the angels, telling them about my feelings and asking for their help.

November 22 - Trust Your Feelings

You primarily hear messages from us angels through your physical and emotional sensations. Our guidance comes to you as gut feelings, intuition, warmth in your chest, tightening of your muscles, goose bumps, and so forth.

Since we sometimes see you dismiss such feedback as “just a feeling,” we’re asking you to trust yourself. Think of the many times when you ignored your instincts, only to have them confirmed later - you certainly regretted some instances when you didn’t listen to yourself. You’re also occasionally afraid of the intensity of what you feel, and you confuse your own emotions with those of others.

Don’t worry about dealing with these issues, beloved one, as we have answers available to you around the clock. Check in with us if you ever have doubts about the validity of your impressions. We’ll give you concrete signs and guidance to help you benefit from the beautiful messages that are delivered through your feelings.

Thought for Today

I trust my emotions, for God speaks to me through them. I appreciate the gifts that they bring to me, and I can easily distinguish and understand them. It is safe for me to listen to my intuition.

November 21 - Trust Your Ideas

Many of your ideas are Divinely inspired answers to your prayers. For example, ypu may wish for a more meaningful career or a better relationship, and we angels - the messengers of God’s teachings - show you how to create these conditions for yourself. And when you finally take action, the results are Divine.

First, you must trust your ideas so that you can put the full weight and energy of your convictions behind them. Believe in yourself because you have faith in God’s wisdom, which is infallible. Know that you have the support of the entire universe behind you. Move forward confidently as you breathe life into your Divinely inspired ideas.

Trust in the thought that you receive today that emphasize serving, loving, healing, and inspiring. The focus of these ideas is giving and when they’re manifested, they always yield greet rewards.

Thought fort Today

I receive Divinely inspired ideas in response to my requests for guidance. When I put them into action, I am bringing forth the answers to my prayers. I am motivated and organized to act on what I believe.

November 19 - Know That You're Already Perfect

God created you perfectly. You needn’t strive for more greatness, as you’re flawless in every way right now. Your health, spirituality, and purpose are already ideal.

The only reason you might not view your life this way is if you’re looking for faults. Whatever you seek, you will find. Imperfections are impossible in God’s world, yet you have the free will to see and experience whatever you want.

Today, seek out the wonder within yourself, others, and all situations. See the shining light that rises like the dawn, casting away the darkness.

Thought for Today

I set my intention on seeing and feeling the perfection of everything and everyone today. The more I am open to this possibility, the more I experience it. God created me without defects. My health, finances, relationships, career, and _______ are all wonderful right now.

November 18 - Be Easy on Yourself

Of course you want to be happy, prosperous, and fulfilled, but the route to these goals is gentleness. You actually detain yourself when you try to go faster or judge yourself harshly. When it comes to your spiritual path, pain doesn’t equal progress - peace does.

We angels ask you to be easy on yourself today. Treat yourself with tenderness, even while you’re meeting your responsibilities and goals. Think of how a horse responds to loving care and wise coaching versus tyrannical prodding. Don’t you deserve the same respect that you’d give another living being?

There’s no racecourse for you to run. Your path is beautiful and so much more enjoyable if you meander slowly enough to notice other people, flowers, trees, birds, and other lovely details along the way. Enjoy the day!

Thought for Today

I take my time today, treating myself gently in all ways. I give myself respect - easy does it.

November 17 - Retreat and Rejuvenate

When you’re feeling low or tired, we angels can prop you up so that your return to your naturally high state of awareness and vitality. Spend some time reclining with your eyes closed, and we’ll work with you to revive your energy levels. Simply rest your eyes, breathe deeply, and call upon us to assist you.

This is the equivalent of going to a spa and asking for a treatment. Anytime you wholeheartedly allow yourself to receive help - whether from a loving person or us - you’ll feel your energy increase. Tiredness comes from too much unidirectional giving. Every being needs to recharge after making so many contributions.

Allow us to give to you, replenishing and rejuvenating your spirits.

Thought for Today

I honor my body’s signals that it’s time to rest. Relaxation is an important part of my productivity cycle. I let myself be pampered by other people and the angels. I allow myself to receive.

November 16 - Recapture Wonder and Awe

Children naturally see the world through innocent eyes. They’re delighted and entertained by their environment, and this sense of wonder and awe doesn’t have to fade with time. You can become entranced with your life simply by stating that this is your intention.

Boredom occurs because of the belief that repeated stimuli become uninteresting. You find things dull when your life seems static and routine. Yet everything is always changing in the physical world: Colors, lighting, and other nuances are constantly shifting. It’s impossible for anything to stay the same on Earth due to the function of time - this is the opposite of the realm of Spirit, which stays identical throughout eternity.

By training your senses to sek out these subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) alterations and differences, you recapture some of your youthful excitement about life. Today, notice the rich variations that run through every experience.

Thought for Today

I am filled with wonder and delight. I notice the subtle details and variations within my surroundings. When I open my eyes to the beauty of life, I am always able to see it. My heart is open to wonderful new experiences.