September 6 - Have a "No Complaints" Policy with Yourself

We angels have been discussing the power of your words, and today we'll focus on detoxifying your vocabulary of any disempowering ideas or phrases. Specifically, we'll spend the entire day with the intention of avoiding complaining language.

Whenever you express discontent, you're stating that someone or something has control over you. Complaints are an affirmation of victimhood, a passive cry for help.

As a being of great light and love, you can never be a victim, and there's no greater power than the one you have inside of you right now. You can't be controlled by anyone or anything as long as you're aware of God within you.

Today, hold the intention: No complaints. There are always positive phrasings that can convey your feelings without griping. Notice how strong you feel as you speak from a place of inner power, as well as how positively others respond to your requests for help when you do so. As you allow your inner strength to resolve everything easily, you'll very soon find that there's absolutely nothing to complain about.

Thought for Today

I speak from my place of inner power. I have a "no-complaints" policy with myself, and I use words that empower me and others. I am strong and capable.