September 27 - Daydream

Daydreaming is often the catalyst for the imagination,where your mind reaches beyond the boundaries of logic and plumbs new possibilities. We angels often wonder why this activity is discouraged, since it’s so vital to discovering novel ideas and inventions. We encourage you to sit in quiet repose today and let your thoughts run free as you daydream in peace.

Explore your wildest fantasies and the endless possibilities available to you. Imagine What if? scenarios, and visualize your wishes coming true.

Afterward, you may want to write down any ideas that came to you. Don’t worry if they seem far-fetched. Remember that you just tapped in to the Divine, and there’s something valuable and important within every dream.

Thought for Today

I allow myself to daydream today. My imagination is happy to run free with thoughts and visions of endless possibilities. I open myself up to discovering new ideas. My mind is one with the collective wisdom of the universe, which I can tap in to anytime I choose.