September 11 - Ask for a Divine Assingment

If you’d like a greater sense of meaning and purpose, begin today by praying for a heavenly assignment. Ask the Creator to give you a Divinely appointed task that’s aligned with your personal interests and talents, and then release this prayer completely to the universe, with full faith that it will be heard and answered.

The response comes in subtle ways, so you should try to notice opportunities that are offered to you, strong hunches to take action, or topics that other people repeatedly mention to you. These are all examples of the signs that point the way to your mission.

All of heaven thanks you for your willingness to be of service in bringing tranquility to the world. Ultimately, you’re the greatest beneficiary of your Divine assignment, since your giving yields great rewards for you , too.

Affirmative Prayer for Today

Dear God and angels, I ask that you give me a Divine assignment involving my natural talents and interests. I desire to be of service and to use my time in deeply meaningful ways. Please clearly guide me to where and how I can help. Thank you.