August 9 - Extend Your Energy

To extend the feeling of peacefulness that you have right now, send its energy forward into your day. Visualize surrounding each of your future minutes and hours with a blanket of harmonious energy. This tranquility will wait for you and joyously greet you when you arrive.

Give yourself the gift of a peaceful day. Feel the serenity that always resides within you. Breathe in deeply to increase this energy, and then exhale it into your day, using any chakra that you feel guided to call upon. Envelop every situation and person - familiar and unknown - with this gift of peaceful love.

Notice how much more enjoyable your day is. Other people will be subconsciously aware of your energy, and their gratitude will be apparent. Enjoy the fruits of this gift.

Thought for Today

I now feel the depths of my inner calm. In truth, I am always at peace, because God's serenity resides within me. I send my harmonious energy out into my day, enveloping every person and situation that I'll encounter. This power is always replenished, for the more power I give, the more I experience.