August 23 - Give Us Your Worries

To paraphrase one of your guest leaders on Earth, there's nothing to worry about but worry itself. The weight of your troubles closes your heart to joy, and your constant nervous glances toward tomorrow's horizon rob you of enjoyment of the present moment. Worry saps happiness from relationships and makes you feel and look old beyond your years.

It's normal among humans to worry, so the fact that you do so isn't the topic we angels would like to discuss. Rather, we'd like to focus today on what you do with your cares.

You already know that being anxious is unhealthful and unhelpful. You're also aware that concentrating on your worries can bring them into being through the law of attraction. The solution is to form a spiritual partnership with us wherein you give us your concerns and we lift them away.

Anytime you become conscious of anxious feelings, immediately think of us - your thought call us to action. You can then give us the energy of worry or whatever is triggering it; the results are identical.

When you hand us your troubles, your burden is lifted. Not only does this reopen your heart to joy, it also lets light and fresh air into the situation so that it can be perfectly healed.

Thought for Today

I give any worries to the angels, calling upon them if I'm troubled about anything, small or large. There is nothing I should be concerned about; I just need to remember to ask them for help. I am empowered as I work closely with heaven. I can receive assistance with any situation - all I need to do is ask.