August 2 - Accept Your Healing Abilities

You have the same healing power that everyone else does, since all individuals are eternally connected to God. The only reason why some people appear to be more effective healers than others is because the trust in the Divine energy flowing through them. Today, we angels will focus on increasing your faith.

When you question your abilities, you put a clamp on the hose that the healing energy flows through. That's because such doubt is the equivalent of believing that you're separated from heaven, which is a disempowering thought. It's impossible to be detached from God, since you're joined through the love that created you.

Instead of wasting time wondering if you're qualified or ready to heal, put your focus on joyfully celebrating your Divinity. Enjoy the therapeutic gifts that are yours, and put them to use without delay.

Thought for Today

I accept the fact that I have healing power, which comes from God, flowing through me. I am eternally connected to Divine love and energy. Like everyone, I am a gifted and qualified healer.