August 17 - Have Faith and Patience

Divine timing means the intersection of all favorable circumstances. Please have patience while everything works itself out to achieve optimal conditions for the full manifestation of your desires. In the meantime, know that your prayers and affirmations have been heard and are being answered. Their final fruition is nearly complete.

When a sailor nears dry land after being at sea for many months, he looks for signs such as birds flying with twigs in their beaks. He continues to sail in their direction, having faith that the shore is close by. In the same way, we angels send you many signals about the progress of your prayers. We ask you to hold the same faith and know that the markers you've been seeing and feeling are sure indications of great things on the horizon.

Rest in your trust and patience, knowing that everything is being taken care of behind the scenes on your behalf. Your ship is coming in right now.

Thought for Today

I have faith in Divine timing, and know that my prayers are always answered at exactly the perfect moment. I let go of my own agenda and trust in the big picture. Everything is going according to plan, and I will soon understand the sequence of events. My life is - and always has been - perfect in every way.