August 14 - See the Beauty Within Yourself

Your inner and outer beauty is breathtaking and awe inspiring. You're a perfect reflection of Heaven's splendor, and everything about you is radiant. If you could see yourself through the eyes of us angels, you'd feel the rapture that we enjoy in your presence.

Your entire being is a creation of the Divine Maker, so how could you be anything but glorious?  You were made by the One Who designed glorious flowers, sunsets, mountains, birds, and lakes. Your blueprint is just as perfect as anything else in God's kingdom.

As you relax with the realization of your Divine perfection, any memory of perceived flaws fades into the background. Your self image is healed as you fall back in love with yourself and come to cherish yourself as much as God does.

You and every being on this planet are magnificent. Today, see this for yourself: Open your heart, eyes, and mind to experience the profound depth of beauty that is everywhere.

Thought for Today

I am truly beautiful, inside and out. All of God's creation are perfect, including me. I was designed by the same Creator who made all the exquisite parts of nature. I love myself as I am right now.