August 13 - Simplify Your Life

Easing your burdens involves using your gift of discernment to decide which direction you choose for yourself. Pressure comes from trying to go in multiple directions all at the same time. Often this stems from concerns about other people's judgments or displeasure, which comes from fears of abandonment. And at the base of these anxieties is the true root: a terror that God has abandoned you.

Beloved one, heaven would never abandon you, It couldn't - you're forever enmeshed into the Godhead, which is the single unit of living spirit that collectively fuels all sentiment beings. God's will for you is joy, and this is simple because it's your true nature. You don't need to work at feeling this emotion.

Today, say yes to happiness and no to fear-based choices that cloud your schedule with too much "busy-ness". Today, open yourself up to simplicity.

Before every decision, spend time in meditative and prayerful silence. Only agree to those activities that you can accept wholeheartedly. We'll give you the strength and courage to say no to all other demands on your time.

It's safe for you to simplify your life.

Thought for Today

I simplify my days by living wholeheartedly and spending my time in meaningful ways. My angels protect, motivate, and guide me to release all false burdens from my shoulders and give myself breathing room.