July 31 - Honor Your Healing Heart

As we angels discussed before, the universal healing energies flow in and out of you through key chakra points, particularly your heart, hands and third eye. Today we'll focus on the heart chakra.

The pleasant sensation of warmth in your chest is a signal that healing energies are flowing into your heart chakra. This is similar to the feeling of gratitude, and it's possible to experience this continuously as long as you keep the currents of power streaming through your core. You do this by constantly giving and receiving love.

Just as each inhalation is followed by an exhalation, so can the tides of healing be in an unending flow. You can consciously will yourself to breathe in and then exhale nurturing power. You can also picture your hear's chakra's respiration as it gives and receives energy. 

Today, focus on the sensations in your chest area. Let warm, pleasant feelings be a harmonizing guide that signals the flow of love energy. No matter what's going on around you, the universal power is always available to you. keep the current moving by balancing your giving and receiving, and notice the natural high that ensues.

Thought for Today

I now draw healing energy into my heart chakra. It is safe for me to feel love and gratitude. As I inhale. I draw loving power into me, and I give it to others as I exhale.