July 30 -Honor Your Healing Hands

Your loving energy flows through your entire body and can be directed at will. The chakras in your hands, heart, and third eye can pull in and send out this universal force according yo what you decide.

Today we angels will focus on your hands, which contain dozens of very active and sensitive chakras that feel, send, and receive energy. If you stretch your arms out with your palms facing upward, we'll clean your hand chakras and infuse them with additional power. Inhale and exhale deeply while we conduct this treatment.

Pay attention to the sensations in your hands. Put them out in front of you to get an impression of rooms, situations, people, and objects - and trust the messages that you receive. Place your hands on any area of your body to send healing energy into your physical being. Notice how this feels; and if you're guided to do so, conduct the same process on another person, a pet, or a plant.

The more aware that you become of the energies that your hands give and receive, the more powerfully the healing will flow in both directions.

Thought for Today

I have healing hands. As the universal energy flows into and out of them, I am very aware of their sensations. I love my hands.