July 1 - Feel Loved

Love is omnipresent, meaning that it's everywhere around and within you. It's who you are - your Divine heritage and makeup.

You may have had a hurtful relationship that triggered a distrust of love. You associated it with pain and concluded that it wasn't safe. You decided to reduce the amount that you could feel, believing that this would prevent you from suffering. We angels can help you heal your heart so that you feel able to love again. We're next to you at all times, and you can ask us to elevate the energy of your interactions with other people. We'll guide your relationships to help yiy feel safe and protected.

It's impossible to completely block our love. Your soul's very life force is one of tender awareness. The more you're conscious of this emotion, the more you feel alive!

Thought for Today

It is safe for me to feel loved. I ask my angels to guide my relationships so that I only attract people with a high level of integrity. Everyone in my life now treats me with respect, for I have wonderful friends whom I care about.