June 4 - Trust in Divine Timing

Often a series of actions and reactions must occur in order for your prayers to be answered, especially if several people are involved. This phenomenon is called "Divine Timing," and it's similar to the stages necessary for a seed to sprout. Yes, this process can be rushed to a degree, but there's still an incubation period for both prayers and plans to appear in material form.

Please have patience and continue to nurture your desires with love, positive thoughts, and guided action. Know that your prayer is being manifested even as you read these words. Divine timing ensures that your wish arrives at exactly the right moment. Sometimes you only become aware of this fact in retrospect, after the prayer materializes - but with faith you can have this understanding right now. 

Thought for Today

All my prayers are heard and answered. I trust in the Divine timing of the universe, for i am in the perfect flow of giving and receiving. My life takes on magical qualities as I approach it with grace and faith.