May 6 - Feel Rich

Your financial situation, like other areas of your life, is influenced by the emotions you carry within you. Your abdominal region is the base location of your inner light - the seat of manifestation - and the feelings that you hold there affect its brightness and strength.

When you think about your finances, relax your gut and feel this illumination grow larger and more radiant. Positive thoughts, combined with brilliant, high-intensity inner light, result in rapid manifestations. The reverse is also true: Fearful ideas about money trigger tightening in your muscles, which thwarts the light's ability to shine and manifest.

Imagine that you're fabulously wealthy today. Feel in your core ( and all throughout your body and emotions) that you're completely financially secure. Allow your stomach to relax, and see you inner flame ignite with the fuel of your faith. Know that when you feel rich, you are rich.

Thought for Today

I feel rich in every way. I visualize myself as completely finacially secure. I breathe and consciously relax my gut, seeing and feeling my inner light burning brightly.