May 4 - Use Only Positive Words

The shaping of a new positive habit requires reinforcement and practice, and this is your focus today. This important point has been addressed previously and will be revisited throughout the year.

You already know that the words you choose have a profound effect on your experiences, carving out the nature of your relationships, health, finances, and so forth. There's no need to fear this power; instead, view it as you would an awesome and beautiful mountain range. Your ability to create with words is a natural wonder, so cherish, own, and honor it.

Begin today with the intention of only using positive speech ... and remember that we angels will help you with this if you ask. You can always use love-based language to clearly communicate with others, and your uplifting words are a healing balm to all who hear or read them. They're magical instruments of the Divine - proven tools given to you by God - so use them well today.

Though for today

I speak with love. All of my speech is life affirming, and i ask my angels to communicate through me today. If I find myself using negative words, I pause and begin again with positive ones.