May 3 - Notice the Light Within Each Person

Inside of you is a light that can never be extinguished or soiled - it's pure and clear, and its embers are stoked by love. The warm feelings that you enjoy are fueled by this internal spark.

Take a moment right now to see the flame within you, noticing details such as its color, intensity, and size. Perceive how your body feels as you focus on this inner glow. Ask the light any questions that come to mind; and receive its answers clearly as a thought, feeling, word, or visual image.

This radiance is your connection to the Divine, and you're its caretaker; you can increase its size and intensity with your thoughts, emotions, and breathing. Pay attention to how you feel as it grows brighter and larger. It can burn away the remnants of old pain or upsets like an incinerator, so toss anything that's unwanted into the flame, and witness its transformation into fuel for love.

Notice the illumination within you and others throughout the day. The more you focus on it, the more lighthearted you'll feel.

Thought for Today

I focus on the light within me, feeling its steady warmth inside my belly, heart, and mine. If I'm cold and lonely, I simply need to ask this glow to grow brighter and stronger. I can see it within myself and all others, and my life is touched by it.