May 2 - See the Innocence Within Everyone

Inside everyone is an innocent child of god who is doing the best that he or she can. Sometimes these children cope with being afraid by acting in ways that seem to hurt themselves or others, but beneath their fear burns the pure light of Divine love.

The more you focus on the innocence within yourself and others today, the more you see evidence of everyone's innate Godliness. Your purpose here on Earth is to remember and teach love, and you can begin by noticing it.

The phrase thoughtless behavior actually means actions that are rooted in fear instead of caring. Seeing the innocence within these people who seem to exhibit lack of concern brings healing energy. Your love can break the cycle of fear-based actions.

Witness and feel the wild-eyed child within everyone, especially yourself. This innocence is precious ... it is God.

Thought for Today

I am God's sweet child, now and always. I am willing to forgive both myself and others for past actions, since i am able to see the innocence inside me and everyone.