May 15 - Spend Time in Nature

We angels have been counseling you to spend time outdoors among the trees, plants, birds, and fresh air because we can see the therapeutic benefits for your body, mind, and soul. You've heard our promptings, and you feel the longing to commune with nature. We'll help you put this energy into action today. No matter what else you have planned, we suggest that you spend some time in a natural setting. Even if you live or work in the city, there are still parks, trees, and grass that you can visit.

Nature releases the tensions that come from straining to match up with the timetable of too many calendars and schedules. You aren't a machine like a clock or a watch, and pushing yourself to meet deadlines pulls you out of your natural rhythms and causes you to feel fragmented, awkward, or disoriented.

Today, allow the outdoors to heal the pressure and tension in your life and revive your dense of self. Recapture your instinct for good timing by placing your feet on the earth, leaning against a tree, and breathing fresh air.

Thought for Today

I make time for myself today by going outdoors. As I breathe in the fresh air, I'm revived and refreshed. I give myself the gift of nature.