May 12 - Notice the Sounds of nature

The rhythmic sounds of the outdoors help you synchronize with the universe's heartbeat, boosting your ability to be in the right place at the right time. We angels are enlisting nature's help to connect you to her music.

Notices the noises that are around you today: leaves rustling in the wind, birds chirping, rain, thunder, or ocean waves. Feel your breathing and pulse move inn tune with these sounds. Listening to recordings of nature can also help in this endeavor.

Since you're part of the earth, it's only natural for your body to join in the beautiful rhythm of Mother Natures's symphony.

Thought for Today

I notice the sounds of the natural world, tuning in to the beautiful rhythms of birds, trees, animals, and the wind. I listen to Mother nature's music deep within my soul. I allow my own rhythms to synchronize with those of the universe, giving me perfect timing.