May 10 - Receive Good Graciously

As you speak positive words and shine your light brightly, all your good thoughts come true before your eyes. Today, we angels will work with you to help increase your receptivity to these manifestations.

You were raised to equate gifts with good behavior, so when they appear in your life you wonder whether you deserve them. However, if you hold guilt over past actions, you may feel unworthy of what comes to you and unwillingly push it away or ignore it.

Beloved one, these manifestations aren't rewards any more than painful experiences are punishments. The Divine doesn't judge in categories of "good" or "bad"; Rather, it responds to your energy - exactly as it does to everyone else's.

When you allow yourself to receive, you make a powerful statement to the universe. You display caring for yourself and everyone who's inspired by you, sealing the process of manifestation. Love comes full circle, from the seedling of a loving thought all the way to your gratitude when it appears on the physical plane.

Thought for Today

I open my arms to receive good graciously, knowing that I deserve it, just as all people do. My gratitude for my gigts elevates everyone else, surrounding my manifestations with love.