April 9 - Choose Happiness

Happiness is a state of being that you create - it's a choice that comes from within, no matter what's happening around you. Today, give yourself the therapeutic gift of choosing this magical emotion, one that has the power to dissolve crises, heal illness, mend disagreements, and attract new opportunities.

Feeling happy is the ultimate display of faith that your prayers have been heard and answered ... and your belief is always rewarded in ways that yield blissful surprises. This cycle is a healthy one: the  more joyful you are, the more experiences you attract that support your well-being. So choose happiness, setting your intention to stay lighthearted and loving in your outlook today. If you become sidetracked into negativity, remember joy. Just the thought of it is enough to evoke its light, which shines away negativity.

Be the beacon of this emotion today in order to inspire and guide others to choose it for themselves as well. After all, the best way to teach happiness is to practice it yourself.

Thought for Today

I choose happiness and hold optimistic thoughts and feelings. I lift the spirits of those around me, spreading joy far and wide.