April 8 - Laugh

The sound of laughter is the closest thin on earth to the "music of the spheres" found in heaven. Its purest essence releases your inner joy into the world, which has far-reaching effects. Your laughter heals you, as well as all the others who hear it or feels its force, because it elevates the energy of the room in which it occurs. Whether it's a quiet giggle or a loud guffaw, it's powerful.

Today, seek out ways to laugh. You could watch a comedy, read a funny book, or swap jokes with others. Look for the humor in various situations throughout your day, and try to think like a comedian. Laughter, like all other positive aspects of life, comes more easily with practice - and establishing this new habit will have lasting effects.

Thought for today

I laugh with love and sincerity at the humor that's built in to the fabric of the universe. As I see the whimsy in my daily life, I chuckle about it, and my heart is gladdened by my merriment.