April 7 - Smile

Scientists have demonstrated the many physiological benefits of happiness and smiling. The spiritual rewards are countless as well, and today we angels are asking you to focus on one of theses: the boomerang effects that smiles have.

When you smile, others can't help but mirror the same facial expression back to you. Even if their teeth don't show in a wide grin, you notice their eyes crinkle happily as they gaze at you. This human reaction is a God-given ability that we want you to capitalize upon. It's a testament to the phrase: "The more you give, the more you receive."

Today, send someone a smile, and see it magnified and returned to you. Feel great knowing that your grin will also travel through many individuals and have a domino healing effect as it goes from person to person. Th benefits wlil always come shining back to you in countless ways.

Thought for Today

I smile, because there is so much to be happy about, even when I can't see it. My smile is the first step in the direction of happiness - for myself and others - and it is a gift that I release out into the universe for everyone's benefit.