April 6 - Send Love to Your heart

Your entire body acts positively to love. When you direct this emotion to your physical self, it's the same energy we angels or other people send to you. Love is love, no matter what channel it flows through.

Give extra energy to your heart today, blessing it physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Hold the prayer that it's completely healthy. Surround it with love, and ask it to absorb this gift with each beat. Tell it "Thank You" for being so healthy, strong, and efficient.

Reassure your heart that t's safe and you'll protect it in all ways. Let it know that you'll exercise and eat healthfully, as you're guided. Declare that you'll honor your feelings to help identify the relationships and situations that are beneficial - and the ones to avoid.

See your heart as a beautiful flower, and ask its petals to gently unfurl. Watch as any barriers you've hidden behind are lowered. Send your heart tender feelings, an it, in turn, will help you feel greater love.

Thought for Today

I send love to my heart and surround it with healing light. I give thanks and attend to it by following my guidance and practiving healthy self-care.