April 5 - Release the need for Approval

Let go of the need to be liked by everyone; it only matters that you value yourself. Another person's opinions have no bearing on who you are, as they're merely statements of that individual's own self-judgement projected onto you.

Look at our situation as prime example: Although we angels spend all of our time helping others, there are still those who dislike and distrust us. If we allowed these negative views to weigh us down, we'd be less effective in our purpose.

Think of how much time and energy you've put into seeking the approval of others. Wouldn't it feel better to spend your time seeking your own favor, measuring your words against a higher standard than other people's opinions? Of course the answer is yes - and today is the day to adopt this healthier new attitude.

Thought for Today

I release the need for other people's approval; in order to like and appreciate myself, I solely seek my own admiration. My healthy self-esteem attracts everything and everyone I could ever want. I approve of myself.