April 30 - Leave the Details to God

Beloved one, we angels see you worry about making progress i your lie. We're here to reassure you that your every prayer is overseen by powerful beings who are at work on your behalf. All the details of these efforts are inconsequential and certainly not worth worrying about.

Yes, it's true that you feel more in control of your life when you know what's happening. But understanding has many levels, depending on whether you focus on lower - or higher - energy issues. The lowest level occurs when people believe that they must take away from others in order to meet their needs. This is based on the belief that there is limited supply and competition is necessary.

The highest level, in contrast, is best described as "joyful faith" - a carefree and true surrender to the Divine. people with this focus understand that once a prayer has been made, God is in charge of all the details and will guide them to take action (if necessary) to help things along. This is true teamwork with Spirit.

Thought for Today

I surrender to God and the angels any worries about how my prayers and desires will come true.