April 28 - Believe in Your Dreams

Your dreams mys seem daunting and overwhelming at times, and you worry about how you'll achieve them. As you wonder how to bring what you want into your life, your feelings may vacillate between elation ( as you imagine your desire) and fear ( as you worry about whether it can be accomplished).

This seesaw of emotions is a mirror of your dream's frustration, In other words, as you fluctuate between feeling positive and negative, so does your goal surge toward you and then away from you. And while pure optimism may be too much to ask when you see no evidence to support it, scientists have now demonstrated what we angels have always known; Feeling positive yields health benefits, including a longer life expectancy. Today we will reinforce how beneficial holding an optimistic viewpoint really is.

Even when you're filled with doubts, we always have faith in you. We know that you are capable of doing whatever you decide upon. The magic is yours, as it is for everyone - just believe!

Thought for Today

I remember that my angels believe in me. I ask them to help me stay optimistic about myself and my dreams. I allow myself to enjoy the happiness of a positive mind-set.