April 27 - Turn Around Nervousness

The word nervous implies that something is wrong with your nerves. Yet it actually means that your sensory system is healthy, simply working overtime. When you experience this emotion, you're akin to a wild bird who's anxiously on the lookout for predators - you feel like prey and are ever-watchful of your own safety.

The only "predator" in your life is your fear, which doesn't protect you in any way. Rather, it exhausts your nervous system and places you in a position that reinforces your feelings of dread. The only way out of this cycle is to soothe yourself with both a physical and emotional approach.

Begin with the physical, as that's the most concrete place to start. Once your body relaxes, it's easier to quiet the mind, so we angels ask you to take a step towards unwinding today. We'll guide you individually on the method that's best suited for your schedule, preferences, temperament, and so on. When you receive strong inclinations to stretch, exercise, go outdoors, drink more water, eliminate toxins, take baths, receive massages, and the like, please know that these messages are coming from us, acting as your physical therapist.

As you focus on relaxing your body, we'll simultaneously assist you in soothing your emotions. Begin by breathing deeply throughout the day, sending your breath to any muscles that feel tense. Exhale any sense of danger, and inhale a feeling of security and peacefulness.

You are safe, dear one - we watch over you and your loves ones, just as you ask us to. It's okay for you to let go.

Thought for Today

I relax my body and let God and the angels protect me. I ease my muscles, knowing that I am safe in all ways.