April 26 - Heal Insecurities

At times you feel insecure about your worthiness and wonder if you are lovable. You worry that no one really cares for you, and you feel all alone. These are the occasions when we stand closet beside you, shielding you from your own outpouring of painful emotions. If these energies were allowed to surround you, they'd attract hurtful situations that weren't of you conscious choosing.

Because you work closely with us angels and have asked us to guard you emotionally, we';; even protect you from yourself upon occasion. In your human terms, at times "you're your own worst enemy," because when you feel unlovable, you begin to attract circumstances and relationships that confirm that belief.

It's destructive to engage in self-pitying thoughts and emotions, yet we understand that every human being succumbs to them sometimes. Insecurities are akin to slipping while rock climbing: The moment you catch yourself falling, it's important to call for aid and reach for your lifeline.

We're here to catch you whenever you fall. However, your free will dictates that if you wish to suffer with miserable perceptions of yourself, even God can't do anything to interfere. We stand by, sending you loving rays of hope, but unless you accept these gifts, they slide right off of you.

Call upon us at the very instant you become aware of hurtful thoughts or feelings. We'll buoy your faith that you're completely lovable, likable, and worthwhile for just being who you are right now. And that's a fact!

Thought for Today

I work with my angels to replace my old insecurities with new, empowering habits to realize my worth as a human being. The more I cherish myself, the more I can value, love, and help others.