April 25 - Create or Tend to Your Altar

It's important to have personal space where you can pray and meditate. This doesn't need to be a formal location, just someplace where you feel comfortable and can close your eyes without distraction. It can even be the corner of a room used for other purposes.

Creating an altar in this sacred space will inspire you to meditate. Us a flat surface - a tabletop, for example, or a shelf - on which you can place objects that have meaning for you or inspire peaceful feelings. You may want to include items representing nature, such as feathers, shells, or crystals. It serves as a focal point for prayer and meditation, and over time it becomes imbued with deeply spiritual energy.

Begin making your altar today. If you already have one, tend to it by reviewing the things that it holds. Do you feel guided to remove any of these items, or place new ones on it? As you work with your altar, notice the feelings that it awakens in you. Connect with it as you would a dear old friend, and it will serve you loyally each day,.

Thought for Today

I make the time to create (or tend to) my altar, which is my special niche for prayer time and contemplation. It's a place where I can let go, expose all my true feelings to Spirit, and honor my Divine path.