April 24 - Light a Candle

There are wonderful reasons why candles have been used in spiritual ceremonies since ancient times. Their light uplifts the energy and senses of everyone who sees them and is much closer to natural sunlight than artificial illumination in most homes and offices. This is one explanation for why looking at a candle is energizing, much like spending time in the bright outdoors can be.

Candlelight sparks the imagination, so stare into a flame as a focal point for meditation and visualization. You can also light candles to celebrate or commemorate something, since they serve whatever purpose you set for them.

Today, light a candle with heartfelt intention. As you place the flame of a match to the wick, think of your intention (such as someone's health, world peace, prosperity, and so forth). Light as many of them as you have aims, and look at each one while holding prayers for what you want. As you extinguish the flame later, be sure to thank the candle for its support.

Thought for Today

I light a candle and connect with the brightness within my prayers. This sacred light inside me is reflected in the mirror of the dancing flame.