April 23 - Take Your Time

You have become so accustomed to rushing to meet all of your responsibilities that it's almost an ingrained habit to go fast. Yet scurrying from one task to the next doesn't win any contests or engender peace of mind - rather, it keeps your focus on the future, instead of on enjoying the present moment.

Reading this message is one way that you're taking good care of yourself. You're nourishing your soul and creating healthful new outlooks, but we angels want you to make more of an effort to move less quickly throughout the day.

Accomplishing what you need to and taking your time aren't mutually exclusive activities. You can get a lot more done when your energy and mood are soaring with the vigor that comes from enjoying yourself. This happiness is built on noticing the beautiful, funny, and poignant features of your day - and that requires taking your time so that these details become clear.

You can also ask others to help you with your needs and responsibilities, and that includes requesting assistance from us. Enjoy your time today!

Thought for Today

I rake my time and approach my day with wonder and delight, noticing the rich fabric of each moment. It's okay for me to slow down, as I can accomplish all that I need to at a leisurely pace.