April 22 - Heal Disagreements

Not everyone is going to agree with your choices or the way that you handle situations.  When someone takes issue with you, you may feel sad, angry, confused, or betrayed. You probably wonder why he or she thinks so very differently from the way you do. You may even question your own decision and wonder if the other person is right.

This situation is a demonstration that although all people share the same spirit and light on the inside, everyone is unique in human terms. Liking or loving someone comes from focusing on the similarities between you, which can sometimes blind you to noticing the contrasts.

Yet in every relationship, there will be occasional differences of opinion. It's not the disputes that matter, but the way you handle them. If you can have the grace to accept that another person thinks differently from you, then you've come a long way on the spiritual path of learning and growing.

Healing occurs within you first, and then spreads to the relationship. No matter what the other person does, stay true to your own Divinity. Your spiritual growth doesn't depend on changing people; rather, it involves learning to see the light within others, no matter what.

Thought for Today

I stay centered in peaceful love during my dealings with other people. I commit to seeing the inner light within myself and everyone else. I am wiling to accept that others are different from me, and I love myself for who I am right now.