April 20 - Erase Guilt from Your Consciousness

When you do something for another person out of a sense of guilt or obligation, you end up resenting that individual. The feeling robs you of the joy that you'd normally feel while helping someone else ... it's a blinder that blocks the light within your relationship.

That's why we angels are working with you today to erase guilt from your consciousness. This emotion differs from a sense of responsibility, which is based on caring feelings. The key is to help others from a place of love, not out of obligation, because the former is lighthearted, while the latter is drudgery. Which do you think is healthier for you and the relationship?

Before you do anything that you don't want to, stop for a brief moment and ask for help. We can lift your mindset to a level of love sop that you'll either find a comfortable alternative to performing the task or be able to accomplish it with a joyful heart.

Thought for Today

I remember that I do not need to do anything because of guilt or fear. I ask my angels to help me if I ever feel resentment or dread when facing a task. They adjust my thinking, my emotions, and the entire situation so that what I do is a perfect demonstration of love.