April 2 - Recall a Favorite Memory

The sweetness of sentimental memories evokes many pleasant feelings. Today, fondly remember a time when you felt safe and completely loves, and bring to mind a moment when you enjoyed yourself without reservation. Recall not just your thoughts, but your feelings as well.

Spend some time with your recollections, and let your mind wander at will. Ask yourself the following questions and see what answers spontaneously rise to the surface:

  • What is one of my favorite birthday memories?
  • When did I feel most proud of myself?
  • What is a pleasant recollection from a time when I was outdoors?
  • What is a wonderful memory I have of my love life?
  • Which moment was a peak experience for me?

Keep going with these memories, perhaps writing about them in a journal or sharing them with a loved one or us, your angels.

Thought for Today

I recall a favorite memory, which serves as a gateway to uplifting feelings and thoughts. My future will be even more wonderful than my past.