April 17 - Know Your Future Is Safe

We angels see that you often worry about your future, so today we bring you the reassurance that everything is fine: There's nothing coming up that you can't handle. We hold your hand through each moment of time, moving forward into what lies ahead.

We also remind you to cast your positive thoughts into the future, for its being designed by the feelings you hold this very moment. Give us your cares and worries about tomorrow, and put your entire focus on having a peaceful today. Your present tranquility is an investment in your future that yields beautiful returns.

By surrounding you with our love, we can help you trade in frightening thoughts for ones that make you feel happy and safe. But in order to really connect with our support, you'll need to allow it into your heart. The best way to do so is with your breath, so please inhale all of the loving energy around you, and draw it into your core. Then keep giving yourself a hug, and exhale away any feelings of tension. Keep calling upon us until you feel calm and secure about what is to come.

Everything really is always okay - the more you know and feel this truth, the more you experience it. It's safe for you to feel at peace now ... and in the future.

Thought for Today

I drop my guard and allow myself to relax with the sure and certain knowledge that my future is as bright as i want it to be. I now commit to holding my thoughts at the clear, high energy level of love. Angels. please help me embrace this feeling today and always.