April 13 - Recognizing Your Value

Instead of measuring your self-worth against worldly standards, please see yourself from our angelic perspective. In our eyes, you're entirely valuable and make a huge difference just by being alive. Your breath and beating heart emit love, and anchor heaven's light on Earth.

Your prayers sound like music to is, as they're opportunities for us to work with you as a united team. We see deep within your soul, where your wisdom and goodness are always on display.

You're a valuable person, and this planet needs you, even if you aren't sure of your role. Your presence brings blessings to many people's lives, and we're counting on you to have faith in this life.It does get easier ... we promise.

Thought for Today

I recognize that I'm valued just for being who I am. I'm completely and unconditionally loved right now. My presence brings blessings to the world.