April 12 - Send Love to Your Muscles

You may be carrying tension in your body right now without realizing it. We angels point this out to you so that you can take positive steps toward relaxing.

Take a moment to scan your body for any areas of strain.Ask your muscles what they're trying to tell you - you'll likely hear, feel, or think a response. Take another few seconds to have a conversation with them about why they're tense.

Next, inhale deeply, and while exhaling, imagine sending the breath to your body. Feel compassionate understanding for your muscles, and thank them for the excellent job that they're doing. Not only do they support you, they also communicate honest feelings to you.

Your body tends to be tense or achy when it's ignored, so take time today to listen, and appreciate it. Just as people relax when they feel that they're understood, so will your muscles do the same.

Thought for Today

I talk to my muscles with respect and understanding. Instead of demanding that they relax, I take the time to see their point of view. I thank them for doing their job and send love to all of them.