April 11 - Give Yourself a Present

Why wait for special occasions to give yourself a treat? After all, you need rewards most during the ordinary times in your life! The present you bestow on yourself today doesn't have to be expensive or elaborate - it could be free of charge. It just needs to make your heart sing with delight.

Approach today with an open mind, and allow yourself to be guided to just the right treat for yourself. This could be an activity such as going to the movies or reading a good book, or it could involve receiving a service such as a massage or foot rub. You might even prefer a simple soak in the bathtub or taking an afternoon nap.

You certainly aren't limited to just one present a day. Reward yourself with gifts as you feel guided, and experience the benefits of increased enthusiasm and joy.

Thought for Today

I give myself a gift, delighting in this form of self care. I deserve to receive a special treat and reward myself with love.