April 10 - Heal an Old Relationship

Has someone from your past been on your mind recently? This could be a signal for you to reinitiate contact with this individual, or it might mean that it's time to resolve an old issue with him or her. When thoughts of a former relationship bubble up to the surface, it's worth paying attention to the reason why.

First. notice any feelings in your stomach as you think about the person. Do you feel tense? Relaxed? Uplifted? Upset? Identify the various emotions associated with your relationship, and think about how you parted. If you harbor regrets, inhale deeply, and hold the intention of releasing those feelings as yo exhale - this in itself could be the healing that your soul seeks. You can also ask the universe to undo the effect of any mistakes that either of you made. This request is always granted, with powerful and often miraculous results.

You may want to write a letter to the person as a way of understanding your true thoughts and feelings. You don't need to send it to gain the therapeutic value of this process ... sometimes it's better to ceremoniously destroy what you've written as a symbol of letting go.

After your moments of contemplation, you may feel strongly guided to get back in touch with the individual in question. Call upon us angels to surround the reunion with protective love and ensure that it's as harmonious as possible. (We can also help you to locate the person, if you so desire.)

Thought for Today

I heal an old relationship. I forgive and forget as a way of moving on, cutting the cords of any negativity from my past. I only attract healthy interactions, now and in the future.