April 1 - Create a Dream Board

A dream board is a wonderful tool that provides you with a visual representative of your goals, prayers, and desires. It has a base of firm construction paper or word onto which you paste photographs, drawings, words, and other images that stand for what you desire. Thumb through magazines to find these, and have fun putting them up.

After your board is complete, hang it in a prominent location so that you will see it daily. Each tie you pass it, stop and visualize your wishes as already manifested. Feel gratitude and say, "Thank you", to the universe for bringing your dreams into reality.

Give heaven any cares or worries about how this desire will materialize. Put your entire focus on having gratitude for the fact that your wish has already come true, and then welcome it as it comes into your life.

Thought for Today

I create a dream board, pasting together a collage of my wishes and seeing them fit perfectly together. I now envision my desires as a reality. Thank you, God and angels for _______.