March 9 - Do Something Out of the Ordinary

Imagine what you'd like to do if all things were instantly possible. We,, guess what? Anything can happen, and this is as good a day as any to seize every opportunity. We angels can guide you and support your actions so that you can jump right in an enjoy extraordinary activities.

What would you like to do today? Take a moment to notice everything that comes to mind in answer to this question. Then decide on one pursuit, and take action in the direction of your choice without delay.

Give yourself permission to do something outside your routine today. The new perspective you'll gain will help you see your entire life with fresh eyes, and you'll benefit from a renewed appreciation of everything and everyone around you. Approaching the unfamiliar will also teach you about the hidden talents you possess - and this may be a catalyst for wonderful new possibilities.

Thought for Today

I do something our of the ordinary, which makes today extraordinary. What I do is not as important as just taking this opportunity to stretch myself and learn new things.