March 8 - Clear Away Clutter

Your inner drive for orderliness comes from your inherit knowledge of energy flow. We can feel the difference when you are in a clean room versus a messy one, sensing the effect of disorder in your closet, desk, garage, cupboards, or other areas. Organization is a way of streamlining your thought processes so that it's not an uphill battle to get dressed, find a paper, or fix something to eat.

However, there's a flip side to this in which some people become so fixated on order that they loose their spontaneity. In such cases, tidying up is a delay tactic to avoid working toward their life purpose and happiness. There should be a balance between enjoying and needing organization.

 Energy streams through physical structures in much the same way that water and air flow. When there's too many objects in an environment, that power is obstructed. the effects of this n=blockage include physical fatigue, difficulty concentrating, increased appetite, and slow manifestations.

We give you all this background information to help motivate you to clear the clutter in your home or other areas of you life. Even a minor change such as cleaning out a closet, straightening a desktop. or giving away one unwanted item will provide benefits. As your energy increases through these small efforts, you'll find that you have the time and initiative for larger projects.

Thought for Today

I clear away clutter, one area and object at a time. If I am not using or don't love an item, I sell or donate it to someone who will benefit from it. I make the time to organize something in my life, and that small step yields big benefits.