March 7 - Dance

When you move your body, you elevate more than your heart rate; you also lift your mood and energy levels. You become more playful and alive; and with your heightened spirits, your power grows, too. This force, which you always possess and share with every individual, allows you to consciously manifest your dreams into existence.

Make time to dance today. Turn on some music and begin swaying, letting yourself spontaneously express yourself with physical movements. If you're shy about your body, then try it alone - but with practice, your enthusiasm about the healing effects of this art form will become something that you'll want to share with others. This is the reason why so many ancient cultures revere this activity as a sacred custom central to their spirituality.

Dancing helps you regain a connection to your Divine physical essence. Your body is an extension of your being, and it's important to honor it with your awareness. Your movements bring your consciousness forward in a very pleasant way. You'll learn that your'e graceful, attractive, and elegant - qualities that the Creator endowed you with long ago.  .Recapturing the knowledge of these gifts helps you shine even more brightly.
Thought for Today

I dance to the music both in my head and in my environment. I allow myself to sway in time with heard and unheard rythms, and I express myself with my entire being. I give myself permission to feel joy in my body.