March 6 - Sing

The music within your soul desires freedom. Your inner melody doesn't care whether you sing off-key or forgot the lyrics - it merely wants to be expressed aloud so that it can float upon the air and join the other musical notes in the universe.

Song allows you to convey deep emotions that exceed the boundaries of mere words. Even if you feel bashful about your abilities, give yourself permission to sing today. Sdd your voice to the music you play on your stereo, or go acapella (without accompaniment). Hum in the shower, with your friends, or to yourself - the form isn't important. What does matter is the act of expressing yourself musically.

Think of this as yoga for your soul, an opportunity to stretch yourself, and a reflection of your innermost spirit. Notice the tunes that you're attracted to, as their words, melodies, and sentiments all contain messages for you.

Know that we angels thank you for your musical contribution to the world's positive energy waves.

Thought for Today

I sing for the joy of it. I let go of self-judgement and allow myself to be free and joyful. I send my breath out into the world, riding on the crest of my music.