March 31 - Write Today

The written word is a wonderful means of self expression, teaching, and even learning. It's also a way to connect with heaven through the process of channeling information from the Divine. You've probably had many clues throughout your life that writing is part of your nature and purpose. This is a message for you to take time today to sit down and pick up your pen.

The process of writing opens you up to receiving new ideas and information. You tap into your inner teacher, as well as the wisdom of the universe, so don't worry about what your topic will be. Simply sit down in front of your computer or notebook and begin transcribing anything that comes to mind. It's okay if your words don'e make sense or you begin with unclear thoughts or feelings. The direction of your writing will become plain once you get started.

Make this activity a part of your life - if possible, turn it into a daily habit. We angels will help you overcome confidence issues and guide you. Take time today to write, and notice the emotional and self-esteem benefits that result.

Thought for Today

I write, expressing myself with words that are inspired by Spirit and blessed by the angels. I allow myself to record messages from the heart.